Who to find on Jiffeo?

Live streaming refers to the streaming of a video in real time. It is a particular form of streaming, in which the broadcast of the video is simultaneous to its capture ,without possibility of editing or editing. The video can simply be supplemented by some brief additional information. Live streaming is particularly suitable for broadcasting events, allowing those who watch the video to share the event with the spectators attending live, with a lag of at most a few seconds (latency). The instantaneous diffusion favors an extremely rapid spread of its content: what is seen as a disadvantage by the big sports federations (whose operation is very much based on the monetization of the video recordings of the matches) is on the other hand an opportunity for the marketing viral, the snowball effect of a real-time broadcast of a video that can be very fast.

The Streamer is a person who is usually between 18 and 35 years old, who likes to spend his time creating a network of friends. He is also a person who has a strong sense of community and is generally active in social media, mainly in the area of blogging, webcams and broadcasting. The Streamer often has a desire to make his live Streaming video a way to make a second job that he will do with freedom and envy. Streamers will become professional when their income is sufficient to generate a salary. But of course there are always so-called "non-professional Streamers" who make lives for recreational purposes.

The Viewer meets his need for entertainment. He will come to the Platform to support and create new and special relationships with the Streamers thanks to the real-time chat we make available. The live streaming video market is generally a very buoyant and ever expanding sector. Last season, in general, video has become an essential means of communication. By 2019, online video will be responsible for four-fifths of global Internet traffic.