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A streaming video live platform offers a service to its new generation customers. It is important in this one that we answer every step of Maslow's pyramid so we do not miss any need. Physiological Needs: Live streaming video platforms being classified as a platform for people interested in entertainment, therefore, do not affect physiological needs. Security needs: User security is something important to put in place at all stages of the site. This is why a live platform must put the image of the individual forward. A live platform records registrations in accordance with the Facebook prerequisites but also respecting the rights of the citizens of the countries where the platform operates. Similarly monetary transactions must be secured by legally compliant organizations to do so. And finally the protection of user data remains paramount. Membership needs: The clients of a live streaming video platform create a real connection thanks to the live streaming video tool. It will be possible to communicate in real time with the Streamer via chat, but also to communicate between Viewers. In order to highlight this aspect, it is essential to offer a service that promotes the feeling of belonging, for example by setting up a cat visible to all. The live brings a direct interactivity with the spectators in the manner of a blog. For example, customers can share life experiences when we are not behind a computer, but the essence is to talk to the camera by actively interacting and interacting with the community. Streamers (or broadcasters) will be able to talk about their life in general and any changes. Need of esteem: The need of esteem is accomplished during the donation, indeed the Streamers will be rewarded by their public directly by the lives that they make. But also the viewer who will give a contribution will be awarded the title of contributor to live.