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Simplicity is the thing we work on every day. Our technologies allow to broadcast live videos in 2 seconds and our design looks for simplicity and intuitiveness.On Jiffeo you will have the opportunity to new encounters, to spend good times with a fun and tight community. You'll take the role of a viewer to entertain yourself with a Streamer that will do anything for you to a nice time with him. But also you'll get the opportunity to go to the front of the stage to broadcastyour own live video and create your community.                                 Jiffeo is open to all kinds of live videos categories;Sports, Music, Humor, Make-up, Life-Style, Travel, Dance or even just to chat.

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Earn money

Everyone can make money on Jiffeo, no need to be a partner. We strongly believe in the good of the participatory economy on society. Viewers have the opportunity to reward Streamers by sending them Jiffeo emoticons. Yes! It is now possible to become Professional Streamer. It's up to you to take a chance on Jiffeo!

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A personal experience

We think live video broadcasting is an interactive exchange between the Streamer and the Viewers, where together they'll be able to co-create a live video broadcast rich in experiences. That's why we're working to value the Viewer as well as the Streamer for a better personal experience.Share it then!,your passion, your experiences. Jiffeo is just a powerful tool,it's up to you to make it.

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